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(The open source project with possibly the most uncreative name possible.)

What it does: mp3rename is a command-line utility designed to help keep vast amounts of mp3s easy to read and access by keeping nasty characters and odd formatting conventions away. Read the README file for information on exactly what it can do.
How to use it: Just install it (per the directions in the README), find an mp3 you want to fix (perhaps one you just downloaded?) and type mp3rename what'a-wierd(name).MP3. Le voila!
How to complain about it: Well, the code is Perl, so you can see exactly what it does, if you look. But if you find a bug, or, better yet, if you have a naming convention that mp3rename doesn't support, email me and let me know at I want to make this as useful as possible.
Where do I get it: Go to the sourceforge download page, click on the latest revision, and get it from there. It should work right out of the box.
The News:Current Version: 3.5
September 4th, 2003
Fixed a bug that may have caused mp3rename to fail matching meta-options.
A fairly large bug, actually. You should update if you have 3.3.
Read the changelog.
May 13th, 2003
Fixed a few bugs and added support for format-dependant characters.
If you use something like this: %t%-%aXF%-%mXF-%%sXF%.mp3
as your format string (for tracks) then the extra dash won't show up if the filename doesn't contain an album name. Just an option for those of us with imperfect naming schemes.
Read the changelog.
May 12th, 2003
I added support for v2 id3 tags. Finally. I also changed the installer somewhat to use CPAN updates instead.
Also: apparently there's a debian package by the name of mp3rename. This is not my software, and so do not expect me to support it. If anyone would like to explain to me how to set up a debian package of my own, please let me know.
Read the changelog.
Febuary 5th, 2003
Fixed some bugs, stopped using beta release numbers, added some features. Read the changelog.
October 19, 2002
Fixed some bugs surrounding matching spaces around track numbers.
Read the changelog.
October 18, 2002
Fixed problems with matching bands such as 311 and U2.
Read the changelog.
July 2, 2002
You might have to scroll down on the download page to get to 3.0b2. I created a new 'package' for it. Not sure, but I thought that might make it easier to separate the two, since they are incompatable.

If you have trouble with that, try this.

3.0b2 adds all the id3 tag options and a new, XML-based, config file ability. As always, read the changelog.
July 1, 2002
A few new things. Mostly cleaned up the code and added an option for files that need to keep their apostrophes (').

I have been doing heavy work on mp3rename version 3, which is completely redesigned and gets rid of all those complicated command-line options. The first public release will be up here shortly. Please try it and let me know if it works!
Oh, and read the changelog.
I cleaned up this release a lot more. It has long options, and an option to rename mp3s using the ID3 tags instead of the other way around. There may also be more new features, but as always, read the changelog.
Wow. It's been a long time since I updated this page. I have made several improvements to the script, often contributed by users. For specific changes, refer to the changelog. I'm still improving things, but I figured I'd make a release in thanks for all the help so many people have given me. Thank you! Read the changelog.
Added a bunch of options, including the fabled ID3 tag editing! Read the changelog.
Added the -c and -C options for lowercasing, as well as the -i option.
Read the changelog.
Fixed a few bugs, and changed some stuff. Read the changelog.
Written by Payton Swick.
Thanks to the spiffy guys at Sourceforge for the hosting!
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